ABOVE THE SKY, silk scarf
  • 98 EUR
  • fresh color mix: white, pink, blue and lemon zest
  • 100% silk
  • made in Italy
  • size: 70cmx70cm
  • dry clean

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The ABOVE THE SKY silk scarf is produced in Italy in a small family-owned factory, which has its basis in the long tradition of the family in the silk business. The father of the factory owner had produced fabrics for umbrellas and was probably the last active factory to produce 100% silk for umbrellas.

All phases of production, from the yarn spinning, fabric boiling off or dying, to the stitching of hem, take place in Italy in the same small craftsmen premises.

The production of this design complies with the legal framework of the REACH legislation n.1907/2006.

All of the designs are made with extra love and care. Please think before you purchase, and make sure you’re in love because behind every piece stands real people and their work.

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